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Dr. Bayran: Pain Management Specialist in Chicago

A pain specialist is a doctor who specializes in pain medicine. Some pain medicine specialists also specialize in other vertical markets, such as Drs. Bayran specializes in anesthesiology and interventional pain medicine, interventional medicine headache management, spine pain medicine, and sports medicine.

Pain medicine involves the evaluation of a problem for the treatment and prevention of future pain. Several types of pain may be related to a condition, such as cancer, injuries or chronic pain.

As a pain management doctor Chicago, Dr. Bayran advises other physicians and health professionals to coordinate patient care, be an expert in disease diagnosis and provide treatments (from medication to rehabilitation and pain relief procedures including interventional medicine or surgical procedures).

Dr. Neema Bayran is a specialist in interventional pain medicine in Palos Heights, Illinois, and has been practicing for 16 years. He graduated from the University of Medicine Pharmacies in 1991 with Carol Davila, Facultatea de Medicina, specializing in Interventional Pain Medicine, Painkillers and more.

Why choose a pain therapist in Chicago instead of a general practitioner?

Some pain gets treated by general practitioners who are not experts in pain management. However, recommendations are that you visit a pain medicine specialist if you suffer from pain that links to illness, injuries or specific conditions. Why? Because a family doctor does not have a thorough understanding and training in pain medicine. The team of Dr. Bayran has successfully treated thousands of patients with specific diseases.

The physicians and staff of various disciplines devote themselves to the complete care of the patients and work together as a team to ensure optimal health and well-being.

Specialties include:

  • Interventional pain medicine
  • Headache management
  • Interventional medicine of the spine
  • Medicine for pain
  • Pain management in sports medicine

Dr. Bayran is considered by many to be the best pain management doctor Chicago. He has helped hundreds of patients recover from complicated injuries, some of them after car accidents and at work. His pain management skills and chronic pain management make him one of the best doctors in Illinois for his patients.

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